Writer, Designer, Art Historian, and History Buff

P.W. O’Reilly

Pamela has been a writer her entire life, starting with Winnie-the-Pooh stories as a child. She has filled at least 100 journals since high school, which is where she fell in love with Art History (Mrs. Brewster’s class). She received an Art History degree with a concentration in Museum Studies from the College of William and Mary, where she also minored in French; her study abroad took her to Paris and southern France, where she lived with gypsies and met a man from Morocco who asked her out on a date because she reminded him of his wife. She went to design school after college, and so her days are filled with Facilities Management and Planning, but she’s always spinning a story in her head. Just be careful…you may end up in a novel one day.

The Writing Life…


The Kandinsky Project (Fiction)
A story about art and espionage, set during WWII in Occupied Paris

Nonfiction: IFMA Capital Chapter Newsletter/Blog:

A Review of Peter Kimmel’s eBook: An FM’s Guide to Reoccupying Buildings Safely (May/June 2020); Tips for Successful Remote Work; Advanced BIM and Digital Twin
(March/April 2020)