Art & Espionage

Where the art of spying begins.

Two stories, separated by time and place, but connected by a common thread–a high-stakes mission, the power of love, and what it truly means to be brave. 1997: Rebecca Miller, Art Historian and self-professed math nerd, is juggling a high-pressure job at Washington, DC’s prestigious Hirshhorn Museum, a handsome visiting professor, and a long-distance relationship with her college boyfriend. When the unthinkable happens, she is forced to reevaluate love, trust, and where her future destiny lies.

1940: Clémence Aubert spends her days working in an exclusive Paris art gallery, and her nights as the glamorous mistress of one of Nazi Germany’s most powerful men. In the early days of the Occupation, everyone has something to hide, and the secret she carries could cost her everything.

What people are saying about “The Kandinsky Project”

“This author is a master at describing every scene. I felt like I could see the sights, what everybody was wearing, and even smell the air. Get this book! You will not be disappointed.”

“What an amazing read! It starts off simply, almost a Romance, yet still engaging for me (not a Romance reader) because of vivid character development. Then suddenly, in one page, BAM, the novel takes a hard left turn into becoming a riveting espionage thriller! The most amazing part of this story, is that the plot is so tight, I can’t say another word about it without divulging major spoilers. What I can say, is go to Amazon and get this book!”

Reviews on Amazon

“I just finished the book, and was captivated by the story and the writing!! Very unexpected twists and turns at times that made me gasp! A great read, and I’m looking forward to the sequel!”